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Service and Repair

Service and Repair

To extend the life of your equipment and to minimize the chance of diving accidents, it is critical that your equipment be in top working order for every dive. We provide affordable servicing for you equipment. Whether you own just a mask, snorkel and fins, or a complete set of scuba gear, every diving dollar you invest will be maximized through proper equipment maintenance procedures and annual servicing.

All technicians are factory trained.

Each piece of equipment receives the amount of time it requires to fully complete the requested servicing. We have no time limits, even though we charge a flat rate for each servicing program.

All servicing is performed according to manufacturer's specifications using annual service kits and approved parts provided by the appropriate manufacturer.

A quick word about dealer inspection and service

It cannot be assumed that a regulator is in good working order on the basis that it has received little use since it was last serviced. Remember that prolonged or improper storage can still result in internal corrosion and/or deterioration of O-ring seals.

You must obtain factory prescribed service for your regulator at least once a year from an Authorized Service Center, regardless of the amount of use it has received.  Your regulator may require this service more frequently, depending on the amount of use it receives and the environmental conditions in which it is used.

DO NOT attempt to perform any disassembly or service of your regulator. This will void any warranty you may have on your equipment.

Current Pricing:

First Stage: $45.00 (parts not included)

Each Second Stage: $40.00 (parts not included)

1st,2nd,Octo Complete $100.00 (parts not included)

VIP: $35.00 includes fill

Hydro: $70.00 includes fill and VIP

BCD: $55.00 (estimate)

BCD w/ alternate air: $65.00 (estimate)